Madden NFL Mobile puts you in the seat of controlling all aspects of running an NFL team on your smartphone that you can take on the go. Madden NFL is a legendary video game that has a long history of being on many different platforms. Now, the Madden Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices, letting you play out the many of the scenarios that you could only dream of previously.

If you are the arm chair general type of dude, then you will be happy to know that you have the full control of the team as a General Manager. If you are the type of dude all about getting in on the action, you can control the field as your favorite players, from running back to quarterback, possibilities are endless.

Multiple game modes exist for Madden NFL Mobile from single player mode to multiplayer modes where you can compete for the Ultimate Team and participate in league plays.

Madden Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game, meaning you can play it for free. However, there are many premium resources that are classified as in-app purchases. This can turn the game into a match of who can pay the most. The new Madden NFL Mobile hack tool was created to combat this and make the playing field more even.